Puerto Carreño, Vichada (Colombia)

El destino donde todos dicen "Buenos Dias, Vecino", mientras amanecer frente el rio.

Puerto Carreño Tourism Council 

Welcome to the Official Tourism Council of Puerto Carreño (public/private/ngo/gov consortium) located on the western bank of the Orinoco River, (Puerto Carreño is the remotest (easternmost) municipality in Colombia at the end of Route 40), the municipality is named after the capital city (seat) of the Colombian State of Vichada:

"The Land of People for People without Land."  

We encourage and recommend that all seasoned backpackers, explorers, fisherman, travellers, tourists and visitors to join our global/local association prior to arrival in order to gain access to a wide-range of special benefits, discounts, products, services and travel options during your stay. 

The Tourism Council is being developed to better serve the needs of visitors as well as represent the people that accommodate and serve visitors once they arrive. Our everchanging and ever-growing website(s) connect(s) visitors with over 3,000 tourist activities that are available locally listed on Google Maps and Facebook. We connect our tourists with the community and the industry! 

The Puerto Carreño Tourism Council is hosted by the Vichada Network (a non-state network) which is owned and operated by the cooperative stakeholders (investors), local business members (supporters), honorary members of the consortium (steering commission) and registered visitors within the context of our objectives and purposes. Everyone benefits in our tourism destination as we grow and take root. 

Between 2023-2025, eco-tourism will take over the horizon of all other economic activities in the scope of the Vichada Department and the Orinoco Watershed (Orinoco Valley); there is a great focus on Puerto Carreño serving as a "hospitality and tourism services hub" for tourists to choose from almost 1,000 options throughout Vichada, and of course we want to encourage tourists to stay at least a night or two on arrival and a night or two before departure in Puerto Carreño; we will have a taxi here waiting for you. 

Colombia's national brand identity program has over 100 graphic symbols based in themes and events nationwide.
Colombia National Branding Campaign, the national branding program incorporates over 100 symbolic graphics.

Organized Civil Society for Tourists

Our council is being developed as an autonomous international civil society and authoritative compliance body that implements best practices in international tourism among those we represent to help to ensure tourists have access to their rights and a grievance system to promote better tourism experiences and improve local tourism policies and standards. 

Our chamber is a bicameral body inasmuch as it is developed to serve the needs of both tourists and tourism industry protagonists with a board of commissioners and an honorable council.

In the months of March and April of 2023 our field assessment survey interviewed over 100 businesses that depend on 20% or more of their economic revenue from tourism, there was unanimous consent in the idea of establishing a tourism council for the region, (30% of the participants interviewed were from other parts of Vichada) justifying extending the scope to a regional tourism council. The new ideas being discussed by members of the community here are all feasible and practical, the only thing missing are the resources and the volume of tourism the area needs to become sustainable and treat a potentially thriving industry with international consideration.

Colombia Tourism Brand

Our Exclusive Destination, Puerto Carreño

Learn here on Puerto-Carreño.Com everything you need to have a good time in the Colombian Department of Vichada, its municipalities and the capital city of Puerto Carreño. Our In Situ Tourism Council brings together the best our region has to offer for investors, seasonal tourists and winter residents.

USGS Topographic Map of Puerto Carreño
Download this free Buenavista Map from the United States Geological Service (USGS) of Vichada and the Puerto Carreño area. Or you can download the Puerto Carreño 1:250,000 map.

Services Provided by the Puerto Carreño Tourism Council

To become a member of the Tourism Council in 2023 requires a person and their business (registered or unregistered company) become a member of the Vichada Network with a Google Cloud Identity and set-up a Professional Facebook Page to engage arriving tourists. Convenience, products, and services provided by the Puerto Carreño Tourism Council include:

Our New Location (Under Construction)

We are hoping to be able to open before the end of 2023; directly in front of the Tourist Plaza (El Picacho) where the town was founded among the Amazonico Grandstones. Watch for us soon coming up on the Google Knowledge Panel

Ecological, Ethical and Sustainable Tourism

The new council subscribes to ideas of the Tourism Bill of Rights and the Tourist Code which was adopted by the World Tourism Organization in 1985. Our organization also capacitates and qualifies all of its participants with Implementation Guideline for Tour Operators and International Law of Tourism which provides for tourism resources and activities; rights and obligations of tourists, organizations and individuals doing tourism business and other supportive businesses that work integrally within the tourism industry. Since 2020 the world was made to subscribe and voluntarily adhere to International Code for the Protection of Tourists (ICPT) due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Free English Classes, Local Email Addresses, Websites and Google My Business Premium for Everyone is Step One! 

Despite the customs and demands of the tourism experience provider or the actual products or service that are created through tourism marketing, it is the obligation of the tourism company to satisfy the demands of tourists, travellers and visitors. This most often involves companies adapting and complying to new considerations and expectations. It will not happen overnight for tourists or our members; but it will happen resulting in a stronger tourism economy. Every tourist is collectively worth an average estimated $3,200 USD including their value publicly as a reference after their visit. The people of Vichada and Puerto Carreño have the opportunity to retain this economic stake in the community.

Importance of Google My Business and Google Maps!
One of the most important tools overlooked by businesses is the proper use and implementation of Google's Arsenal of marketing tools for products, services and posting your offers. 95% of all businesses in Puerto Carreño were suppressed due to content and categorization errors in early 2023 until the issue was resolved by the Puerto Carreño Tourism Council.